This Place was born out of the tragedy of the Ariana Grande concert attack on 22.05.17 which devastated so many lives connected to Manchester.  It was heartbreaking.  But the one thing that shone over all, was the people of Manchester's love for others.  The pride that came from being from Manchester, from seeing people looking out for each other, and from standing together as one saying; "not here, not in our time, we do it differently here."

To see the people of Manchester's outpouring of love in the days and weeks that followed was truly inspirational. 

This Place was formed as an echo of that pride for Manchester and its people, and its heart to reach out to others, and help them rise up again after loss.

This Place wants to celebrate all that is Manchester, in all its communities, diversity and culture, and to give back and help the many homeless people in and around the city center rise again after their own difficulties.

The proceeds from all sales will go directly to homeless charities that are already doing a great job around Manchester city center in tackling the problems of homelessness.  

Many thanks for your support, share the love and continue to be the love to others in This Place. 

About The Charities:

Barnabus is a Christian Homeless Charity, providing a lifeline to the homeless in Manchester for over 25 years. They offer help with accommodation, rehabilitation, practical support, healthcare, skills training and links to employment opportunities. They also offer a range of activities, volunteering and mentoring to help build confidence and skills.

They do this through our; Drop-in, Support Office, Health and Wellbeing Suite, Street Outreach, Allotment project, ReNu Up-cycling Furniture Enterprise and linking to specialist services when needed.

Barnabus provide hope and opportunities, helping our homeless friends to improve and rebuild their lives sustainably so that they can realise their hopes and dreams for the future .

Thank you for helping bring transforming change to homeless men and women in our City together we can end homelessness.

The Sanctuary is run out of The Mustard Tree and is a monthly drop-in run by volunteers.  It serves a full dinner with live music as an escape and support for the homeless, and vulnerable community in Manchester.

From the Founder....

Hi! Thanks for checking out This Place. I am the founder of This Place and I'm not even Mancunian! But I’ve lived here for many years and seen the way Manchester people pride themselves in their city and in the communities they live in.  I wanted to give back to this city that I now call home.  Even if you aren't from Manchester, you are welcomed to connect with the heart and spirit of Manchester through the concepts behind the t-shirts and by giving back to its people.